Torsåkers Bluegrassfestival

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  • Torsåker 6 – 8 July 2018

    Sweden’s biggest Bluegrass festival aims to showcase the best bluegrass Sweden has to offer

    6 – 8 July 2018

    Torsåker’s bluegrass festival is the biggest in Sweden and aims to showcase the best of Swedish bluegrass. Most years we can also feature international acts. People sit back in their camping chairs in front of the stage and enjoy the music, the people and the Swedish summer – just as it should be at a bluegrass festival!

    As usual we will feature a variety of Swedish and international bands that together represent as great a musical mix as possible. We’ve got a good range of bands, from the well known to the less familiar ones.

    We open the festival on Friday night, indoors at the intimate barn stage where there will be a mix of old and new acts.
    Saturday we have acts on both of our stages and, as usual, keep our fingers crossed for good weather!
    The festival ends on Sunday with a bluegrass service and lunch in the church, Torsåkers kyrka.

    Having stages both indoors and out we can guarantee that the festival won’t be dependent on the weather – even if the sun always seems to shine during the festival weekend! Food, drink and music are always available in the festival site. We’re working to extend the area to include more people selling instruments and accessories too.
    The real enthusiast will arrive on the Friday to listen to or join in the jam sessions taking place under the birches in the soft midsummer light.

    Take the opportunity too to try out a good instrument or buy accessories to your own. There will be instrument makers at the festival as well as instruments and accessories for sale.


    Take the opportunity to attend a workshop with some of Europe’s foremost bluegrass players.

    More about Swedish festivals

    There are a few more bluegrass festivals in Sweden. Gränna Bluegrassfestival is the oldest, in a location that makes any festival organiser envious. It started in 1978 and is always on on the 3rd weekend in August. It is something of a finale to the bluegrass festivals of the summer. The driving force behind the festival used to be the musician Pelle Brandt, but he has now handed over the reins to his son, Erik Moreau.

    Nääsville Bluegrassfestival has an amazing indoor stage in a park by the river Ätran. The festival is usually on the weekend following Torsåker Bluegrass Festival. Nääsville Bluegrassfestival has moved around a bit during the years but now it seems to have found a suitable home.

    Vintervikens Bluegrassfestival is another, smaller festival that started a few years ago in Stockholm. It’s often on a few days before Torsåker Bluegrass Festival.


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    Swedish Bluegrass
    Swedish bluegrass has its stronghold in Torsåker in the western part of the province of Gästrikland. In the afternoons the mountains get a bluish hue – its own Blue Ridge Mountain. This gives Torsåker a great sense of connection to the Blue Ridge Mountains of the United States.

    It’s not just the bluegrass music. It’s also lifestyle, social structures and attitude, with roots deep in the countryside. Torsåker Bluegrass Festival grew out of this and in its 30 years it’s become the biggest bluegrass festival in Sweden.